fredag den 30. november 2012

The one and only....

It's no secret that I love fashion, beauty, perfume etc. and because of my fetish for quality I was browsing through an online fashion magazine just to find the 2013 spring collection for some of the big Fashioneees!!


Well, my all time favorite when it comes to unique design, delicious smells and lovely creams must be the great Chanel, and like always they showed of with style by bringing this bag to the runway!!!

It is so absolutely weird that you cannet do anything but love it!!!!
I wonder how many looks you would get if you walked down the local High Street wearing this cirkle bag from Chanel!!

From Chanel, my ultimate favorite perfume will always be Coco Chanel Mademoiselle!!!! The smell is so sensual and tempting - I feel like a real vintage queen when wearing it :))))

Which is your favorite perfume????

torsdag den 29. november 2012

Love of Instagram!!!

Oh dear Instagram!!!
Hello and good evening
My day today has been cold since I have been to work and the wind made it feel like - 10 degress, drrrr
Luckily I have a lovely North face winter jacket to keep me warm!!!!
What I really wanted to talk about in this post is INSTAGRAM!!
How many of you out there know/use Instagram?
Im totally addicted to Instagram - my "name" is Bellarosemary and I have almost 800 pictures of absolutely everything from my life!!!

I think I like Instagram for three reasons -  one is that I love taking pictures, two is that you can share them with the world and third is that you csn give them a pretty touch using the tools in there
If any of you are Instagram users plz leave your username in a comment so that we can follow each other - I have left a few of my pictures here :)

onsdag den 28. november 2012

Paradise yet again....

Discovered a little bit more of paradise....
Does any of you know the page called
It is a page where people are selling handcrafted stuff and it is REALLY nice stuff they have to offer!!!
I found these piece which I absolutely adorable and quite simple - they could actually work well together :)

I could spend years and years browsing around in there!!!
and I could spend loats and loats of money in there as well :)
Go visit and tell me about your favorite pieces :)))



 I also want to recommend products from the danish company "Cozy Living" as they are brand new and they have a lot of nice products which are sold on pages like
They sell pillows, candles, candlesticks etc.

back to fashion

All right.....when talking about fashion I have more to say :-))))

I was sitting and browsing the homepage for the Danish magasine called Woman AND I saw this adorable black dress from MissSelfridge :)
I really like the way it shapes around the breasts - I looks like you are wearing a thin shirt underneath it!!!

I have to admit that I LOVE dresses - I mean really LOVE dresses!!!! My closet contains ALMOST only of dresses of all kinds - long, short, coloured, black ect. so I apologize if most of my fashion post is about dresses :)))

My closet is always full - always TOO full but sometimes I have to clean out in it - I could never just throw out my clothes so normally I sell it, give it away to my friends or givet it away to charity!!!


I also found these really cool shoes from - If you like a really high heel this is absolutely worth a peak!!! The rivets (or whatever they are called) makes the shoes really rock'n roll!!!
I would wear them if I was wearing a dress (Like the one above) that is a bit girly because it can donate a bit of coolness and remove some of the girly look :)
Unfortunately I'm not able to wear this type of heels because I'm very hypermobile - especially in my ancles so instead, for the dress above, I would choose a shoes like the one underneath the text:

This shoe is a wedge from Mentor and they are my good shoes!!! They support the ancle perfectly, and I can walk around in them for hours without even feeling the tall heel!!
They are expensive BUT you will never want to throw them away :)))

In my opinion accesories does not have to be simple for an outfit like this!!!
The perfect necklace would be coloures and big like some of these on the picture.
I like coloured beads and if they have some size as well  it is perfect
For my ears I like to wear feathers like the ones on the picture under the text.
If I choose to let my hair be loose I would choose the more simple earring but If I wear a pony tail or a knot I will deffinately go for the feather!!!

What are your fashion favorites???? I would love to know what all of you out there love to wear so feel free to post comments or send me pictures with your fashion favorites :)))


Well, Well didn't have time to post anything other than in the morning yesterday :-((
I had a busy evening studying for the upcoming exams in December.....It is pretty interesting but I would rather spend my time blogging :-))) Btw I study business and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School :)))
Even thou I didn't have time to post anything I still got to take a few pictures from my day at work to post on the blog

Yes - I work with dogs!!! At a hotel for dogs (and cats) - I LOVE my job :))))

Today I went to visit my sweet friends, Daniella, whom I am writing an exam rapport with as well - we had to discuss what to write about.....But spend most of the time playing with her cats, talking AND drinking coffee :))))
In a second I will start preparing dinnner andn dessert!!! I am gonna have a nice duck leg AND an apple Pie for dessert - I will deffinately post some pictures of the result later tonight :))
Oh, and by the way....Before I went to visit my friend I actually went to the library to find a book called "Turen går til Japan" translated to "Going to Japan" because I want to learn a lot about Japan before I am going there - YES I loooook so much forward to going there!!!

Another subject for the day - FASHION!!!
Recently I got to know this Fashion Shop called Buch Copenhagen and they have got the most delicious looking clothes EVER - I absolutely adore their pieces so I just wanted to share a few of my favorites!!

tirsdag den 27. november 2012

Wonderfuuul morning!

Godmorning everybody - I hope you all have a wonderful beginning of the day!!
It is 8.16 am here and I'm on my way to work - just wanted to say goodmorning and share my cup of coffee with you :)
Had sort of a busy morning as I woke up a bit to late and  had to search for a pair of shoes to wear (forgot to bring working shoes to my parents house, stuuupid)
There will be more posts later today


Well.....I'm sitting in my bed becaaaaaause I was actually going to bed as it is a bit late here in Denmark BUT then I found my two favourite French cooking books and I couldn't help but open them and have a quick (well, rather long) peak inside.....I have to tell you - these two books contain the most delicious French dishes in MY whole world!!!! I am definitely gonna cook some of them for the blog!!!!!

I also got these lovely things for my room the other day - they are so beautiful and decorative!!
It's a bad habit for me to buy accessories for my apartment because I haven't got space for all of it haha :)