onsdag den 28. november 2012

back to fashion

All right.....when talking about fashion I have more to say :-))))

I was sitting and browsing the homepage for the Danish magasine called Woman AND I saw this adorable black dress from MissSelfridge :)
I really like the way it shapes around the breasts - I looks like you are wearing a thin shirt underneath it!!!

I have to admit that I LOVE dresses - I mean really LOVE dresses!!!! My closet contains ALMOST only of dresses of all kinds - long, short, coloured, black ect. so I apologize if most of my fashion post is about dresses :)))

My closet is always full - always TOO full but sometimes I have to clean out in it - I could never just throw out my clothes so normally I sell it, give it away to my friends or givet it away to charity!!!


I also found these really cool shoes from Asos.com - If you like a really high heel this is absolutely worth a peak!!! The rivets (or whatever they are called) makes the shoes really rock'n roll!!!
I would wear them if I was wearing a dress (Like the one above) that is a bit girly because it can donate a bit of coolness and remove some of the girly look :)
Unfortunately I'm not able to wear this type of heels because I'm very hypermobile - especially in my ancles so instead, for the dress above, I would choose a shoes like the one underneath the text:

This shoe is a wedge from Mentor and they are my good shoes!!! They support the ancle perfectly, and I can walk around in them for hours without even feeling the tall heel!!
They are expensive BUT you will never want to throw them away :)))

In my opinion accesories does not have to be simple for an outfit like this!!!
The perfect necklace would be coloures and big like some of these on the picture.
I like coloured beads and if they have some size as well  it is perfect
For my ears I like to wear feathers like the ones on the picture under the text.
If I choose to let my hair be loose I would choose the more simple earring but If I wear a pony tail or a knot I will deffinately go for the feather!!!

What are your fashion favorites???? I would love to know what all of you out there love to wear so feel free to post comments or send me pictures with your fashion favorites :)))

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