mandag den 26. november 2012

I just realized that a lot of non-danish speaking people could read the blog too!!!
I HAVE to write in English as well because I want everybody to be able to read my blog so from now on I will be doing some of the writing in English as well, but thats all right because I LOVE English!!!
Actually I'm a big fan of languages - I try to learn Italian at the moment because I hope to be able to go to Italia on exchange next fall!!! Does any of you love Italia like I do????
In general, I love travelling!! Especially to Paris where my friend's parents has an apartment - I have been to Paris 10000 times and I love, love, love it!!!

Oh, and I love French cooking as well - especially Créme brûlée - so I will be posting a lot of french cooking too - AND a lot of desserts because I'm a big fan of cakes and Chokolate AND Nespresso coffee :)))))

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