onsdag den 28. november 2012


Well, Well didn't have time to post anything other than in the morning yesterday :-((
I had a busy evening studying for the upcoming exams in December.....It is pretty interesting but I would rather spend my time blogging :-))) Btw I study business and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School :)))
Even thou I didn't have time to post anything I still got to take a few pictures from my day at work to post on the blog

Yes - I work with dogs!!! At a hotel for dogs (and cats) - I LOVE my job :))))

Today I went to visit my sweet friends, Daniella, whom I am writing an exam rapport with as well - we had to discuss what to write about.....But spend most of the time playing with her cats, talking AND drinking coffee :))))
In a second I will start preparing dinnner andn dessert!!! I am gonna have a nice duck leg AND an apple Pie for dessert - I will deffinately post some pictures of the result later tonight :))
Oh, and by the way....Before I went to visit my friend I actually went to the library to find a book called "Turen går til Japan" translated to "Going to Japan" because I want to learn a lot about Japan before I am going there - YES I loooook so much forward to going there!!!

Another subject for the day - FASHION!!!
Recently I got to know this Fashion Shop called Buch Copenhagen and they have got the most delicious looking clothes EVER - I absolutely adore their pieces so I just wanted to share a few of my favorites!!

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